Friday, 22 September 2023

Mohbad is worth about $690k, Naira Marley owes him about ₦300 million – Kemi Olunloyo

Mohbad is worth about $690k, Naira Marley owes him about ₦300 million – Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo, a self-proclaimed international journalist, claims that Naira Marley, CEO of Marlin Music, owes the late musician Mohbad N300 millionShe also said that the late Nigerian artist was valued roughly $690,000.

She made these claims on her X, formerly Twitter, profile after declaring that she had done her homework.

Kemi Olunloyo wrote: “MOHBAD’S MUSIC ESTATE: After my research monitoring streams and the Imolenization CAC search, I discovered that Mohbad as of today is worth N700M roughy around $690,000.”

“Naira Marley owes him N~300M in song royalties On my X Spaces I mentioned the top 3 songwriters in Nigeria as Tiwa, Teni and the third person is actually Mohbad. Mohbad wrote almost 97% of all the songs at Marlian music.”

“Songwriters get royalties and I mentioned @SOCANFoundation as an example when I was a Canadian Grammy Judge @TheJUNOAwards.”

“Mohbad complained that Naira Marley was holding his royalties and streaming revenues as well as downloads. They pretty much had a BAD BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP.”

“Artist developers are needed in Nigeria. Remove the drugs and cultism and the industry will be super global.”

“As you can see Davido came to represent the brotherhood despite the fact that I warned him not to step in Nigeria.”

“Only the intelligent can understand that part. Nobody speaks against the brotherhood. Most music industry label bosses and the ones at the top have largely been silent.”

“They are all affiliated with the same cult. They can’t speak against Naira Marley.”

“My suggestion as Mohbad’s estate hits one Billion Naira in days to come is a court appointed probate lawyer to take over his music assets assuming Naira Marley releases the funds. It will be a bitter court fight.”

“He should have taken this to court a long time but people like Zlatan and Bella Shmurda told him to “hang in there.”

“These devil sent frenemies could have helped him. It’s like a woman being beaten by the husband and relatives tell her to stay in the bad relationship.”

“The toxicity will finally kill you. Drugs abuse, hypertension, alcohol etc developed.”

“All his major hits are in Marlian music plus all the songs he wrote for Zino and Naira all added to that N300M.”


Thursday, 21 September 2023

Hilda Baci receives Range Rover as birthday gift

Hilda Baci receives Range Rover as birthday gift

Guinness World Record holder Hilda Baci has become the latest car owner in town as she recently received a Range Rover worth millions of naira as a gift.

At 28 years old, Hilda Baci‘s jubilant reaction upon receiving the keys to her new Range Rover tied with a huge red bow was nothing short of infectious. In the video footage, expertly captured by her jumped around excitedly as she checked the vehicle out with excitement.

Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Nigerian Chioma Nnadi to become head of British Vogue

Nigerian Chioma Nnadi to become head of British Vogue

Chioma Nnadi will replace Edward Enninful as head of editorial content for fashion magazine British Vogue, its publisher said Tuesday, becoming the first black woman to fill the coveted role.

Nnadi has been at the magazine for 13 years, starting as a writer before assuming the post of fashion news director and her current role as digital editor at the US Vogue.

The announcement ends months of speculation about who would replace Enninful, 51, who carved his place in Vogue history as the first male, first black and first gay editor.

The former model and stylist took over in 2017 amid a blaze of publicity, touted as a fresh and diverse face who could modernise the magazine.

But reports in recent years have suggested a power struggle with Vogue global editorial director Anna Wintour who he had hoped to succeed.

“Chioma is beloved among her colleagues at Vogue, and is an editor and writer with an impeccable reputation—both here and in the fashion industry at large,” said Wintour in a statement.

“I’m so grateful to Edward Enninful for everything he’s accomplished at British Vogue, and we’re all looking forward to a productive and creative relationship with him in his new role,” she added.

Enninful is expected to take up a global advisory position at Vogue.

Fashion guru Wintour said London-born Nnadi had been able to connect the magazine with a digital audience and extend its reach across various platforms.

She was born to a Swiss-German mother and a Nigerian father who came to the UK in the 1960s.

The new magazine chief said she was “beyond excited and honoured” to be taking on one of fashion’s most influential jobs.

Tuesday, 19 September 2023

Mohbad: I Would've Died In The Hands Of My Former Label - Singer Harrysong Reveals

Mohbad: I Would've Died In The Hands Of My Former Label - Singer Harrysong Reveals

Nigerian artiste, Harrison Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong has revealed how he was bullied and would have died when he was with his former label.

Harrysong, taking to his Instagram story on Monday, said, "If not for the grace of God, with the help of some very good men, I would've died in the hands of my former label.

"The torment, attacks, abuses and operations back to back, just because I've served and wanted to move out and grow a little for myself. It was hell for me.

"The general public believed everything they said about me then. Fans, supporters, show promoters bullying me everywhere. In fact one of my friends said he will buy drinks, celebrate, if I die of hunger and depression. 

"I'm alive today just for the few that stood by me, cus they know the true story and refused to be influenced by lies just to kill an innicent man.

"Record labels should stop this do or die thing, killing and destroying young talents just because they want to prove label power and supremacy."

Harrysong said this while reacting to the death of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, who died on September 12 at the age of 27.

Credit: Instagram| iamharrysong

Friday, 15 September 2023

‘Well deserved’, Davido says as Rema beats him, Burna Boy to win ‘Best Afrobeats’ award

‘Well deserved’, Davido says as Rema beats him, Burna Boy to win ‘Best Afrobeats’ award

Nigerian singer David Adeleke, professionally known as Davido, congratulated his colleague Rema, who won the “Best Afrobeats Song” title at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards in New Jersey, U.S., on Tuesday.

Davido, who was present at the event, praised Rema’s victory on his X handle saying, “Well deserved! Keep shining, young King! @heisrema.”

Rema won this highly coveted category for his chart-topping collaborative track with American pop star Selena Gomez on their track titled ‘Calm Down.’

The Mavin Records singer’s track was up against Burna Boy’s “It’s Plenty,” Wizkid’s “2 Sugar featuring Ayra Starr, Davido’s “Unavailable,” Ayra Starr’s “Rush,” Fireboy DML’s “Bandana,” and Libianca’s “People.” 

The “Calm Down” artist recently achieved a significant milestone by joining Spotify’s prestigious ‘Billions Club.’ 

Rema recognised the significant impact of Nigerian music icons like Davido, Burna Boy, and Wizkid on the global rise of Afrobeats.

Why Wife Must Protect Her Husband When He Cheats - RMD

Why Wife Must Protect Her Husband When He Cheats - RMD

Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo is sharing some very surprising and unexpected relationship advice on what women should do with cheating spouses, and well, you just have to read what the actor said by yourself. Here's what RMD had to say about women dealing with their men cheating.

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Speaking first about why it's hard for married men to not cheat on their wives, RMD said: 

RMD: Every one of us who are married, we are the target. Look at how women are, how can you escape it? Women are like Delilah, they are like Jezebel, they prepare. The only way the enemy can perpetrate their real intention is to constantly aim at the image of God or the symbol of authority in any home, that is the man, and shut it down. It’s like shooting a general on the battlefield. You drop him and then the battalion scatter. Their mission is to take down the head of the family. So, it’s very difficult to be faithful. You have to get to the point where your wife understands what she is up against as well. Because if your wife is not up to speed on what she is up against, then you would be left open. We are constantly under attack because it pleased God to make us heads of our families and we are the ones that are under attack, and if you get the head of the family, you get the family. 

Then the interviewer Teju Babyface asked "So what would a woman who knows this? That her man is cheating? What should she do?" to which RMD replied:

RMD: Protect her man. He will fall sometimes and fall really bad, but she has to be able to help to pick the man up. 

"This one is it not old school? Because the women now it's like if you cheat on me once, if he falls once, I'm out."

RMD: It's because they're not grounded. Because they consume in bit sizes. You have to be grounded, you have to understand the concept of what you are involved in. It's not old school, it's nature. You have a school of animals, they protect the territory, they mark it. You come in, there's a war, there's a fight. 

"So this is what you're saying, I don't want to misconstrue you. My father said to me shortly before I got married "the type of woman I wish you will marry is a woman who will seeing you in the corridor over there kissing another woman and she will ignore and pretend that she didn't see it because you're a star and it might be difficult for you to go your whole life without challenges, is that what you've just said?"

RMD: That's what I have. That's the rock of my being. I have the best wife in the world because it has to be. That's the reason why I can go out there and for lack of a better language, and flex, because I know who is behind me

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

“My deep desire is to become Asake’s full-time backup singer”- DJ Cuppy excited over meeting Asake

“My deep desire is to become Asake’s full-time backup singer”- DJ Cuppy excited over meeting Asake

DJ Cuppy, a popular Nigerian DJ and musician, recently took to Twitter to express her playful desire to become Asake’s full-time backing singer.

Cuppy’s post elicited a lighthearted response from fans who understood her hilarious tone.

DJ Cuppy mentioned in her tweet that she had finally met Asake in person and used the chance to express her strong desire to join his music adventure as his main backup singer.

She even used the hashtags #mrsmoney and #Asake, referring to Asake’s moniker “Mr. Money” that he frequently cites in his songs.

“Hadn’t met @Asake in real life until this surprise A I was finally able to discuss my deep desire and career development of becoming his full-time backup.

  • #CuppyOnAMission #MrsMoney

Netizens say that the tweet, although amusing, is also a method for her to take criticism of her musical abilities in humor.

While it’s evident that she was joking about becoming Asake’s backup vocalist, it’s not strange for her to convey her ambitions and dreams in the field she’s so passionate about.