Monday, 14 May 2018

Hazel Aggrey-Orleans, A Luxury Silk Fabric And Fashion Brand Builder Inspired By Her West African Heritage

 Silk has long been synonymous with the notion of luxury, and for fashionpreneur Hazel Aggrey-Orleans, founder of Eki Orleans, this was the inspirational starting point for her business.

Today, this exciting luxury fashion and fabric brand celebrates the luxurious quality of silk, creating clothing and fabric collections that bring African design to life. 

We chatted with Hazel this month to find out more about this unique luxury brand.

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What does your company do?
We are a luxury fashion brand designing our own African silk inspired prints with which we create ready to wear and bespoke collections. We also produce silk scarves, pocket squares for men, and have created a range of swimwear with our prints on lycra.
We have also tapped into the Bridesmaids market designing bespoke prints with a special meaning for the bride.

What inspired you to start your company?
I remember speaking to a friend who very passionately talked about her role in the film industry and I recall being a little saddened that I couldn't express the same level of passion about my role in the financial industry (marketing), but I took it upon myself to brainstorm ideas that same evening. 
I have always had a love for culture and colour, and soon after giving birth to my first child and being on maternity leave, I decided to explore this passion and started working with existing fabric travelling to India and Ghana with my baby to explore the existing silk fabrics. I have always had an attraction to the soft luxurious silk fabrics. I created scarves with these textiles and pushed it for a year. It was not until my second maternity leave that I realized in order to enter this very competitive fashion industry, I had to have something unique and that is when I looked to the existing fabrics on the African continent and noticed that we mainly had cottons. I then made it my mission to reinvent and inject a bit of my African journey into designing silk prints.

What are your future plans and aspirations for your company?My plans are to expand our textiles and create a mobile Eki Gallery consisting of a workshop and sales pop up - an experience that we take to a few cities. I believe the way forward for fashion brands is to engage directly with their audience and create a space where they can meet their clients directly and build a relationship with them. 

Want to contact us for Advert Placement, Collections Showcase, Event Coverage or Enquiries? 

Send us email at or : +2348138023722
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