Friday, 11 September 2020

12Questions With Manhattan Style Influencer, Chris Fuller

Based in Pennsylvania, the artist and fashion influencer answers our 12 questions for this week.

His introduction;

"I'm an artist, down to earth and humble. I love fashion and expressing myself through it all. I'm a work in progress and want to keep growing and expressing myself that way. I not only want young men and women to look at the fashion and art but I want to set an example and keep inspiring"

1.How do you define your style?

My style varies depending with the season. I love vibrant colors, now that it's fall approaching I'm getting more into prep mix with a touch of 70s style. Over all my style is very much so free spirit.

2. What influences your Outfit choices?

Good question I've always appreciated Prince and pharell for their creative personal I've learned to be Bold, vibrant and inspire while being inspiring.

3.Have you ever had an embarrassing style moment?

Yes recently, I'm a tall but petite guy. I've recently done a shoot where some clothing didn't quiet fit right. Clothing was falling off and the stylist had to clip things to fit lol.

4.Do you consider yourself a fashion influencer?

I like to inspire of course as far as influencer maybe to some right now slowly but surely.

5.What do you have most in your wardrobe?

Lots and lots of jackets! I feel like a good jacket completes your outfit. Especially with fall approaching, I love a good biker jacket pair with cool denim.

6.What's that piece, that you shouldn't be caught wearing?

I feel like we're in a day and age were so many things are coming back and style has become free game. For me I'm not a fan of wind breakers!

7.What do you think of the 21st Century Fashion and its trends?

I think it's a revolving door things go in and come back out fast. I appreciate the recent trends that's coming back from the early 2000s and I love it!

8. Who is your style Icon and 9. Which Celebrity/brand would you love to work with?

My style icons without question would be Pharell and Lenny kravits. When it comes to high end brand Marc Jacobs, affordable brand boohooman official.

10. Who is your celebrity crush?

Evan Ross lol

11. Which would you take out...neck piece, wrist watch, rings or bracelets?

Rings can go I usually end up taking them off and I feel like it's not a necessity in my opinion.

12. What Social Media platform are you most active on?

Instagram more than Facebook it's a good way to build a successful platform and a way to express my art and style. Instagram: iamcfuller
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