Friday, 18 September 2020

12Questions With OizaGlamist's Creative Director, Hijabista Oiza

Hijabista Oiza is the creative Director of Oizaglamist, a beautyprenuer and perfumer. She leads our 12questions gist this week.

1. Being a makeup artist, a style conscious personae and a pharmacy Student. What your most challenging moment to match the three?

I love these three aspects of my life but i always try to set my priorities right.
It's school, before anything else
I don't take make-up work that would affect my studying in any way and pharmacy as a time consuming course i barely have time to work while i am in school. I also make sure to put on comfortable and easy to wear clothings in school because of my 8-6 routine. 
So i dont think there's ever been a moment where i had to do 3 in a day, one has to go for one. So let's just say i am Rasheedah/Oiza  in pharmacy school, a  basic girl who hardly puts make up on and I'm Hijabista outside school.

2. What's the most expensive piece in your wardrobe?

That would be my abaya, if you know me well, you'd know I don't joke with abaya at all. It's my favourite piece of all clothes.

 3. Your Eid look was featured as one of our favorite, what inspired that ensemble?

Can i say i inspired myself?? Though i have always been the type to sit down and get ideas online. I actually just got the abaya at that time so i styled it to express the Eid vibe i guess, because I wanted something modest yet fashionable.

 4. What's your everyday beauty routine?

 Lol, it's normal routine o, I don't have any special anything. I brush, bath, cream, put on my outfits, do my makeup depending on where I'm going and that's it. And yeah, smell nice too. You know I'm into sales of perfumes.

5. Have you ever had an embarrassing style moment?

Hmm well, yes i did, I think it was around last year or thereabout. I wanted to change my style and do something different to what I normally do. So I wore a shirt on a leggings and a slide. It was one of my best outfits then but when I look at the picture now. I can't help but think, what was I thinking. Everything about it, is wrong including my makeup. It's really embarrassing to look back at it now. There was one time again that my zipper got worn out while I was trying to get on a bike. Thank God I had safety pin that day. It was my saving grace. I pinned it till I got home

6. If you were to Choose between 10M naira and a year supply of your favorite cosmetic brand, which would it be and why?

I would go for money. I already made some calculations with the money in my head....I choose 10m because there are so many things I want to do in this life and cosmetic products won't do them for me. I can just get some products out of the money if need be .

7. Who is your celebrity style Icon?

I've got three. One is lateefah Bint Mukthar, I really love her style. Then this lady, Nonye she's a a digital creator too. Lastly is Sohamt, she's Egyptian actually and I really really love her sense of dressing.

8. What are your favorite accessories?

I like wristwatches and bracelets a lot, sunglasses too, I find myself buying them a lot these days. I'm also a fan of finger rings and nose rings.

9. What makes a good makeup artist?

There are so many qualities that makes a good makeup artist but the most important one as far as I'm concerned is patience , I always tell people this. If you're not patient enough please don't go into makeup because people will frustrate the hell out of you. Then other things are ability to work under pressure, to work under tight time constraint, excellent thinking skills . You need to be able to assess your client's need and also have a good communication skills to be able to relate with your customers better.

10. What's the most challenging and (11.) exciting moments you faced as a makeup artist?

My most challenging day would be the day I went for a makeup project and I had to do impromptu makeup for like 3 people after having done for like 4 of them already. Those 4 people i did for, I was already tired but because of the money, I still agreed to do for more. It was my first time doing many people’s makeover at a go so it was kinda challenging for me. 

While, The most exciting moment was when I had to make a bride up, it was my first time doing a bridal makeup so i wanted to give it my all. I checked online, asked questions from a colleague. Because, I wanted the look to be fireee, it was really fun.

12. What are your fashion tips for us?

First: Plan it out. When I say plan I don’t mean like sitting down and doing some critical thinking but make sure you have everything set.

Secondly: Always accessorize.. honestly, the beauty of accessories cannot be overemphasized even if it’s just wristwatch or a hand band.

Third: Be colourful but don’t be too matchy so that at the end of the day you’ll still look great .

Fourth: Follow fashion bloggers to get updated and inspired.

Fifth : Try to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. Say me for example, I’m a dress person, I love any outfit that’s long and free, that’s why I love abaya. We can even call that my signature outfit but I still try to put on something entirely different at times to shock people and make them see other sides of me. It’s really cool that way, but nevertheless do whatever works for you. And finally, be confident, it’s very important.

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