Friday, 4 September 2020

12Questions With Lagos Style Muse, Oluchi Manyike

Oluchi Manyike is a style enthusiast, fashion designer and entrepreneur. Here are our 12questions for the Lagos based style Diva.
1.How do you define your style?
Simple ,comfortable and classy

2. What influences your style?

Well, so many things could influence my style.. sometimes it’s my mood , somedays it a colour or seasons and most times it’s a trend ..

3. Oh! Talking about trend, what's your take on the "alte" trend?

Weeellll’s not so my thing/style but who knows, in fashion for me I am like an open book ready to be written on ...  but like I said comfort is key .. wear what you are comfortable with.

4.Are you likely to go into style influencing anytime soon?

Oh yes yes .. I always always wanted to be an influencer .And I am working on it , someday soon.

5. Over the years, fashion have evolved. What do you think about the 21st century fashion?

Yes fashion has really evolved ..when I think of the  21st century fashion all that come to mind is FREEDOM. Freedom... in the sense that people have the creative license to bring to life the art in their minds in form of clothing ... through their style/appearance.
6. What's the "must have" in your purse?
Lip Gloss

7.What do you have most in your wardrobe?
White tees

8. What you shouldn't be caught wearing?

Umm  ..for me it’s a white panties underneath white pants ... if you know what I mean.
9. Sneekers Or Heels

Why do I have to choose? 😭I can’t , I love them equally mahnn
10&11.Who is your style Icon and which celebrity would you love to work with?

I love Toke makinwa and laurelmaris  ..working with them would be a honour

12.  What social media platform are you most active on?
Instagram and Facebook
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Toniakiri said...

I love her style, can’t wait for her to be the influencer she dreams to be someday🥰🤗🤗 said...

What can i say... A Stan super duper fashion queen

Unknown said...

I love a good fashionista... Oluchi Manyike