Tuesday, 15 September 2020

How To Update Your Wardrobe Without Much Cost

When you’re trying to streamline your spending, and spend more money on investment to grow your wealth, one of the areas you’d need to cut back in terms of spending is in your clothing.

This, however, shouldn’t stop you from updating your wardrobe. With a little help you can give your closet new life while still keeping to your budget. Here’s how.

1. Shop your closet

Start by going through every item of clothing that you own and take out anything that you don’t like or don’t see yourself wearing any time soon.

Familiarising yourself with everything that you own will also give you new ideas on items you can pair together and those that you haven’t worn in a long time. You will also notice gaps that you have that you need to fill.

2. Go shopping with a list

Use the list you made while shopping your closet to fill in any gaps you have. Going shopping with a list helps reduce chances of buying unnecessary items or duplicates.

As you shop, consider investing in good quality items particularly for those clothes you wear often.

3. Adapt your clothes for more than one season

Instead of having different wardrobes for different seasons, find ways to wear your clothes for more than one season. Think neutral colours which can be worn year-round. Layer lighter clothes in the cold weather for added warmth instead of buying new items.

4. Do a clothes swap

Another easy way to update your clothes is to swap them out. Get together with friends and have a clothes swap party and you’ll have new clothes at no cost at all.

5. Sell items you don’t wear

When you purge your closet, you will find clothes that are still new, or in good condition, that you can sell to make a little money. Use social media to sell these items off and use the money to get some new items.

6. Change coat buttons

A simple way to update your clothes is by changing out the buttons. Swap old buttons with new metallic ones that are more stylish. You can do the same for blouses and shirts.

7. Dye black jeans

Those black jeans you love so much might not look as good as they did when you bought them. They’re bound to fade after a few washes. Give them a new lease of life by getting them dyed and you can wear them for a while longer before they need to be replaced.

8. Update your accessories

Accessories can be cheaper than buying new clothes. Get some new pieces of jewellery or a few scarves which you can pair with your old clothes and make them look new again.

9. Take advantage of sales

Do you remember the list you made of items you wanted to add to your wardrobe? Keep a lookout for sales where you can get new clothes at a fraction of the price. Be careful, though, not to buy anything you don’t need.

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