Saturday, 4 December 2021

How God led me to Adesua –Banky W

Singer and actor, Olubankole Wellington, popularly known as Banky W, has said that though people often think his wife and actress, Adesua Etomi, made him to take his Christian faith more seriously, it was actually the other way round.

Speaking during a radio interview which he shared on Instagram, the singer said, “First, God has been part of my backbone and credit for that goes to my folks. The Bible says train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old, he will not depart from it. A year before I met Adesua, I made up my mind that I would go to church regularly. Even if I went to a club on Saturday, I would still go to church on Sunday. That was how serious I wanted to be for God. People used to say Adesua led me to God. It was actually the opposite. God led me to Adesua. Both of us rehearsed for five weeks for that dance video, ‘Jo’. One of these days, I would upload our rehearsal video.”

Wellington also stated that he named Wizkid’s debut album, ‘Superstar’, because he wanted people to see the singer that way. He said, “I am proud of what Wizkid is doing. I named his first album, ‘Superstar’, because that is what I wanted people to refer to him as, not as an up-and-coming act that he was back then.’’

“That is why it is good to invest in people. We played a small part in their beginning but look at what he (Wizkid) is now doing for others. As an artiste, it is important to find one’s voice. One can adopt anything from anyone but one should be the best version that one can be. That is what has been working for me.”

The 40-year-old entertainer also spoke about his decision to shut down his record label, Empire Mates Entertainment, some years ago. He said, “I think that was the best thing for us. I think we had done the label part and the majority of those who were under the label found their feet in the industry when they were with us. As far back as 2016, I knew I didn’t have the energy for managing an active label. A year after I shut down the record label, I focused more on working with corporate clients.’’

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