Sunday, 17 July 2022

Head Wraps that will take your breath Away

Headwraps have always been used for practical reasons by many women in Africa and beyond. Traditionally, African ladies would wear headwraps to protect their hair and heads from the strong sun and keep cool in the hot weather.

Not only were they a practical way of dealing with the harsh weather, but headwraps also represented a woman’s spirituality, wealth, and social status within a community. it could indicate if a woman was a married young woman, a widow, or a grandmother simply from its style, color, and design.

In South African culture, headwraps signify respect 

Let's take a selection of names for headscarves around Africa:

South Africa - Doek

Malawi/ Zimbabwe - Dhuku

Ghana - Duku

Nigeria - Gele

Sudan - Tarha

Sierra Leone - Enkeycha

East Africa (Swahili) - Kilemba

DR Congo (Lingala) - Kitambala

Rwanda/ Burundi - Igitambara

Uganda - Ekitambala (Luganda)/ Latam wich (Acholi)

Zambia - Chitambala
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