Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Phyna Reveals Why She Bought House When She's Still Being Owed N50 Million Cash Prize

We all watched on the 2nd of October this year when Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate, Ijeoma Otabor popularly known as Phyna was crowned as the winner of Big Brother Naija: Level Up. She won the grand prize of N50 million in cash and a further N50 million worth of prizes from sponsors. 

Shortly after leaving the Big Brother House, Phyna revealed to people on social media that she has bought a house. Now, during a new sit down with TVC’s Reality Check, Phyna reveals that she has still not received her N50 million and explains why she still bought a house even without the money yet in her hand. Here’s what Phyna said. 

During the sit down, Phyna was asked "How has it been after the show? I know this is question you get asked all the time but with every day there is a new experience. So right now, how are you feeling after the show?". She responded:

So when I just got came out from the house, the experience been dey sweet me. But omo, as I check debit alert this morning. 

"Have you spent your N50 million?"

No, I’ve not even touched it. I’ve not even seen it sef with my eye. There were other miscellaneous. 

"Really? You haven’t touched it but you’ve got a new house?"

That’s why they call me unusual na, I don’t understand. People are saying I’ve finished my N50 million, I’ve not even touched it. 

"So have you always wanted to get a house when you went for Big Brother or when you make so much money?"

No, it’s not like - I’ve always said to myself that anytime I make it in life, first thing I"ll do is get a house. Instead of me to go and buy a car, or to go and be doing vacation, I’ve always said - according to my father, my father would always say "woman dey buy house, woman dey buy land, woman dey build am". My dad would be like "forget say you go marry go husband house o, but they no dey forbid say woman get land or woman get house." So it has been like number one to do for me. So after that one na, every other thing can be added unto it. 

"Your fellow housemate Hermes came out and complained about how it has been difficult since leaving the house to even go to supermarket. How has it been for you?"

Actually my PA, she’s more like somebody like me. So when she goes to the market, if you start your price from N1,000, she go price you go N50 and you go sell. So I don’t feel it. She does the shopping and everything. We went to the same school, I’ve known her for a very long time.

I guess it takes some time for the Big Brother producers to release the N50 million. I always thought it was sometime around the same week of people winning that they received the money. 

It’s interesting that till now, Phyna still hasn’t received the money. What do you think about what the BBNaija winner said? 

That’s All. 

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