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Why I’m No Longer Part of the MAVIN Record Label - Korede Bello

It was a couple of years ago when we were introduced to new MAVINS Reekado Banks, Di’Ja, and Korede Bello. They were the new MAVIN kids on the block back in 2014.

Fast forward 8 years now and there are much newer MAVINS on the scene. Magixx, Ayra Starr, Crayon, Boy Spyce to name a few are the new MAVINS on the scene. Together, they will be dropping a new MAVIN project soon and when pictures of the current MAVIN signees dropped, people were surprised not to see Korede Bello among them.

The MAVIN team of today

Now, Korede Bello during a new interview with City 105.1 explains why he’s no longer part of the record label, why he’s not planning to get signed again, and also what kind of girl he likes. Here’s what Korede Bello said. 

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During his interview, Korede Bello was asked "Your new song is "Available" and speaking of available, what kind of girl do you like?" He responded: 

There is no typical kind of girl and that’s my message. If you’ve been a fan of my music from like time, "African Princess", "Cold Outside", "Romantic", and all those sweet songs, you hear me talk about beauty a lot. "Bella", "Mi Casa", even "Fine Fine", I talk about beauty a lot because I feel like I’m an ambassador for beauty in the sense that I want to remind ladies especially that they’re beautiful. And we don’t have a lot of that. I feel like we’re experiencing a beauty pandemic at the moment. What I mean by that is that a lot of insecurities are on the rise. People are beautiful, but the self-awareness of what beauty is is very distorted right now because of the media. And a lot of ladies, a lot of girls don’t feel as beautiful. There’s always like the next level of beauty that you aspire to be, the next product, the next new trend of what beauty is. That can be very disturbing and that’s the kind of thing that influences somebody’s mental health. So that’s why I like to put it in my music that you are beautiful, you are pretty. Life is beautiful, and that’s the message to be honest. 

"Are you still signed to MAVIN records?"

I’m no longer part of the MAVIN record label, but I’m still a MAVIN. Contractual agreements come to an end just like every other thing. I have new partners, OneRPM currently distributing my work. I put out "Bella" and "Available" with their platform. I’m not signed to a record label.

"Do you intend to get signed again?"

So the conversation with music business is very different right now and it will be very different three, five, hundred million years to come. So the work of the record labels from inception was to distribute the music. If you go back, here is how it started. Physical copies, you had to print physical copies so they had the budget to like go and distribute the thing to the stores. Obviously as time went on, they can obviously produce for you. All the marketing budget, but the goal is just to get the music to the end consumer which is the stores. But right now, we have stores which is the Apple Music, Spotify, and people, you don’t need a middleman to get to the stores. You do need the "distribution". You need the distribution partners to help you. I like to use the word "partners", we need more artistes to think partners, how can I get partners to move my music and my career forward?

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