Thursday 18 May 2023

Africa Fashion Museum Presents Seniors Fashion Show In Collaboration With Designer Malik Afegbua

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam is set to host a seniors fashion show, dedicating an entire day to showcase the creations of Nigerian contemporary artist, virtual reality curator, and film director Malik Afegbua. The event is aimed at challenging perceptions around aging and giving older people a platform to showcase their style and fashion sense.

The show will feature beautiful clothes on older-looking models created by Afegbua\"s imagination working in conjunction with AI software. These images first caught the eye of Ruth Carter, the Oscar-winning costume designer behind the Black Panther films, who praised the idea on Instagram, saying, "This is so dope!!"

Afegbua, who is the Lead Visioner and Chief Executive Officer of Slickcity Media, believes that his work teaches AI to become more creative and, in turn, he makes new discoveries. "Artificial intelligence learns from us and learns from the World Wide Web. I try to learn from it as well. I try to learn how to talk to it, how to communicate better to get exact results from it."

 The Fashion Show for Seniors pictures are inspired by traditional African Nigerian fashion mixed with something futuristic, something Afro-futuristic. "I wanted to mix traditional African Nigerian fashion with something futuristic, something Afro-futuristic," said Afegbua.

With this seniors fashion show, Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam and Malik Afegbua are looking to challenge ageism in society and show that fashion is not limited to a certain age group. The show is set to take place on 30-31 August 2023, and tickets can be purchased online through the Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam website.

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