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Dark Secrets Behind Fake Social Media Life Revealed by SIBOMANA EMMANUEL , A Rwandan Social Media Influencer

1.My Names are SIBOMANA Emmanuel, i was born on 12 February 1985. I am now 38 years old, i was born in South Province of Rwanda, Nyanza District, Kigoma Sector, Gasoro Cell but for now i live in Kigali City, Gasabo District. I live in Kigali from 2008 till now.

2. I have Been a Creator since 2017 after finishing the training of Journalists on Social media and I thank the Government of Rwanda,  Rwanda Media Commission (RMC), MIC &  USAID for bringing an International Expert on social media to train us. They taught us the good way to use social media, especially how to make money through social media, what we must avoid, what we should care about, they have revealed to us the sins or some cyber crime that are being committed on social media so that we can avoid them, dark secrets of social media etc...

Social media is one of the sources of income for me especially on advertising and through social media consultation, but it(income) also comes from the media as I am also A Freelance Journalist and as well as from the theater of URUNANA DC of a BBC Play where I act the Role of Patrick and now i have started working with Tourists as i promote Rwandan Tourism through my social media platforms especially Instagram @sibomana.emma.

3. Actually after the training of Journalists on Social media, I didn't know that I will make even little money though social media!
It all started with a volunteer advertising on my social media platforms so that I can attract the clients from different Businessmen and I posted their business for free and after I started charging them money and we started making negotiation and make business partnership even though it's still not easy for some Businessmen for understanding the power of social media for promoting their business and letting it be known and I don't know If I can say that some of them are still asleep not knowing the secret of working with us as social media influencers.
In this process journey of making money on social media, some people attacked us, they insulted us, they said we were confused, they harassed us saying that I was not normal, that maybe i have a problem in my head/brain..but I knew what I wanted... They said these things through social media comments, YouTube interviews comments, online rumours even those who met me in person etc...and sometimes i used some tricks to attract their attention so that i can get Instagram followers and after i make money but it's not easy at all! I made T shirts written on them my Instagram name and i give to my friends and fans.
I sometimes use to say that social media is like a double edged sword 🗡️ and nowadays social media has become a drug for some people because some of them are addictive.

4. Actually, there are many way to get money through social media... for example let me start with Instagram because I use it more and more than any other social media platforms. 
a) There is a way you make money through advertising businesses and they pay you according to the negotiation you have made with your business partners.
b) There is a way you request Instagram to give you chance and opportunity of getting money whenever you go on Instagram Live &  get paid(when you go live they publish message: Buy a badge to support so and so for example to support @sibomana.emma. For example when you go on Instagram Live with badges, your viewers can buy badges to support you and get extra recognition, while you earn money from content you’re already creating. For me i am still requesting for this.

c) There is a way you request Instagram to monetize your Instagram account so that you get paid for all views you have on your videos you post, those videos to be paid for, are called "Reels" on Instagram.
For getting paid, you must post your own video (Reel) with no copy right.And your Instagram must be professional or Business page not personal Instagram account.
d) An other important thing, you must request an Instagram Blu Tick/Instagram Blu badge/Instagram Verification badge so that people can know that your account is authentic, is real.
You can also get paid through YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and also you can make money through WhatsApp status posts.

5. It's not easy to precise the amount of money I make though Instagram because it's like temporary work! Sometimes you can get clients to advertise their business and you get money and the next time you don't find them or you find few of very little money but for me when I try to say the average of money I can make monthly especially on Instagram and social media consultation it's between 300,000Frws and 500.000 Frws that's why i don't do monthly job of full time, But I am working hard to go beyond that... And I really appreciate The Government of Rwanda for bringing the high technology in our country and they support us as youth especially I appreciate His Excellence Paul Kagame the President of the Republic of RWANDA for supporting Rwandan Youths in technology and gives them time to understand our idea, thoughts and resolve our problems.

6.  The opinions of my family and friends are completely different and sometimes those opinions are tough. This is very significant and sensitive question to talk about... Some of my family and friends appreciate the step & achievement I have made, while others still  don't understand those things of social media, they think social media are for lazy and jobless people, others don't know anything at all. Some of them always ask me many questions concerning on what they have heard/read on radio, tv and on social media about my life and i start to explain every single thing and sometimes i tell them what they have heard about my life are not true, those who did it was targeting views to make money.

7. I like being Independent creator because I become self-employed professional who empowers myself with knowledge and skills by creating digital content online even though the journey is still long/ i help others.
As Independent creators, we are a fast-growing persons of self-employed professionals and we tend to have multiple sources of income such as a ordinary job, or a part-time job to supplement what we make from our content creation on social media.

I have future aspirations by being very professional content creator Even though i still face challenges including lack of predictable income and a lack of benefits that a traditional career would provide and lack of social media training.

To be honest, While getting paid to post as advertising on my Instagram it sounds like a great situation!
Sometimes as Social media influencers, aside from making money per posts, social media influencers are receiving packages filled with a brands newest merchandise, free of charge as advertising them.

And as well as free gifts, many influencers get to go on free trips partnered with big brands that they help influence for.

Can you imagine getting a free trip from KIGALI to beautiful hotel far away like Rubavu/Gisenyi, Eastern, Northern province etc just for posting about the brand on your platforms especially on Instagram!

Awards: MTN Rwanda once rewarded me a smart phone and airtime because I promoted and advertised their new smart phones on my social media platforms.
I never received any award in Rwandan Entertainment Awards Even though I know I deserve many awards as my friends always(use to) tell it to me that i deserve awards as social media influencer.
And I can't complain because I know this is Africa sometimes things in entertainment, most awards don't go to the person that was supposed to be rewarded and I wish them to work fairly like it's done in Hollywood in USA.

8. When it comes to social media economy in Rwanda comparing with of other countries, i can say that social media life are almost the same around the world and when it comes to income, of course we can't be at the same level of the western countries(USA, CANADA and EUROPE) but at least on Africa level, we can come in top ten.
People should know that Social media world is like an other planet we live in with it's own life style!
That's why i make a content when i am here in Kigali, and after being published it's shared in every corner of the world, and i receive different comments from around the world and as you know this earth become like one village because of internet.
If some Rwandan creators lie to attract attention and get more views, this is not only in Rwanda, it is everywhere on social media world.

9. The challenges we have in common are  growing the audience and finding enough time for every single thing, Finding the real and true content that will convince our audience even though we already spend time(hours and hours) online. We don't get training on social media Even though we already spend time online. The money we get online are still little comparing to the life of this KIGALI city because the price of many things are expensive and the price of food, etc is raising up everyday.

10. Life on social media...
 SIBOMANA EMMANUEL is the third most followed person on instragram in Rwanda with one million followers after H.E Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda and SHADDY BOO , the fashion model.

On social media, we sometimes show/Post  happy pictures/short videos but sometimes our hearts are sad, that's why some people choose to Fake life on social media because none care... and people have to impress the audience/ world so that people can fear you that you are strong and powerful person even though in reality you live in miserable life.😥
Social media and technology have brought bullying to a new level.You will hear so and so have bought very nice house, car, they are making big projects, they are living in luxury life on social media but unfortunately they live in miserable life and even finding food is not easy 😭😥
Let me give you an example: Someone can rent very nice house, car and clothes for two days and bring some many YouTuber Influencers to interview her/him showing to the audience that that person have a big achievement and when they come they find her/ him in that luxury life they will find her/his pictures hanging on the walls of the house... apart from this, this person will rent some camera men for very nice pictures & short videos to post the whole year and after those 2 days she/he will go back to the ghetto and keep Living her/his ordinary life. She's/He's Rich on social media but sadly he is poor in real life.😢😥
Social media Depression 😥😭🤔

To be honest, these days social Media Can Lead people to Depression, Anxiety, and Loneliness. Nowadays there is no secrets, everything is shared on social media.
Many people keep their eyes on the platforms for hours and it can lead to increased feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness as i mentioned above.

Sometimes the way we use social media makes it harmful & how we feel about ourselves while using it. On social media, We don't post our failures, weakness and challenges.
Our daily life depend on our smartphones for work, religion, school, our personal and social lives. For example me even other people, it's not easy to leave home without our smart phone that keeps our social media.

The internet and social media have really become a significant part of our daily basis lives. Our Online life are completely different to our reality lives. 

The more time we spend on social media, it can lead to cyberbullying, social anxiety, depression, and exposure to content that is not age appropriate.
Sibomana Emmanuel: Yes, I will continue to do this things of social media in the future even when i get maried and have children i will make my wife and children like/love social media until they fit in my shoes especially on side of making money. 
Any intentions to grow and expand are: I want to be a powerful and strong social media influencer on international level and i have started learning English on other level(speaking it fluently) so that i can fit on international market. I have started to meet international celebrities and personality to make collaboration on how we can exchange knowledge, ideas, on how i can expand what i do in professional way by making money.
I am planning also to give training in different private companies, schools even in other society so that i can share to them the knowledge i teach them the importance of social media and how to use, what to avoid...
First of all they must know what they want. 
They must understand their mission to be on  social media and their first goal be to make money.
They should be well aware of what they want to achieve and how they will know when they make it.  They have to think about their professional objectives and where they want to be in the future.
They have to keep in touch with new technologies, pay attention to the latest trends, and seek learning opportunities outside work because everyday there come new things.
 They have to keep Learning new things on social media.
Sibomana Emmanuel: As I conclude, I want to tell and remind people that social media can affect our lives negatively. 
Most people share the best side of their lives, be it good profile pictures, image of the latest vacation they did or simply talking about their achievements and projects they have made.
Sadly,  those posts can cause depression and anxiety among the people who are going through tough times, the more they see people showing off on social media their luxury life yet it's Fake life, the deeper they go into their own risk to suffer as they condemn themselves.


People have to know that on social media, they are some people who do online scams or bullying, others share pictures and videos of their private body to their friends and after some disagreement they share them on social media and cause them trauma and depression to the owner.
I can say that it's not secret people lose friends in real world/real life and try to find them on social media and after they get disappointed and sometimes end in tears especially in relationships and business.

Some people even some of my friends are addictive on social media and this cause some mental health problem and the answer to them is to be on Smart phone with internet everyday.
Advice i can give to the audience...
I am calling everyone to be careful on what they post on social media.
People have to manage their privacy settings as they can control who sees what they post.

They have to know that what they post on social media stay  there online and please they have to  think twice before posting their pictures and short videos. 
It's better to build a positive reputation online because you never know what the future holds for you.
 I want to tell people who will read this article to protect their computer/laptop even their Smart phone because the security i am talking about starts  with. computer and phone.
Sometimes someone  comes to harassing or threatening you, please remove or block them from your friends list for the sake of your peace of mind.  
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