Wednesday, 13 September 2023

“My deep desire is to become Asake’s full-time backup singer”- DJ Cuppy excited over meeting Asake

DJ Cuppy, a popular Nigerian DJ and musician, recently took to Twitter to express her playful desire to become Asake’s full-time backing singer.

Cuppy’s post elicited a lighthearted response from fans who understood her hilarious tone.

DJ Cuppy mentioned in her tweet that she had finally met Asake in person and used the chance to express her strong desire to join his music adventure as his main backup singer.

She even used the hashtags #mrsmoney and #Asake, referring to Asake’s moniker “Mr. Money” that he frequently cites in his songs.

“Hadn’t met @Asake in real life until this surprise A I was finally able to discuss my deep desire and career development of becoming his full-time backup.

  • #CuppyOnAMission #MrsMoney

Netizens say that the tweet, although amusing, is also a method for her to take criticism of her musical abilities in humor.

While it’s evident that she was joking about becoming Asake’s backup vocalist, it’s not strange for her to convey her ambitions and dreams in the field she’s so passionate about.

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