Sunday 12 November 2023

I miss Nigerian food whenever I travel abroad – Nigerian Fashion Designer, Mai Atafo

Mai Atafo, a fashion designer, shared his thoughts on traveling and his experiences in Italy and South Africa with MOTUNRAYO AKINRUN. He mentioned that he always looks out for fashion when he travels and finds inspiration in different cultural aspects. Mai also enjoys taking long walks and exploring interior design stores for inspiration while abroad.

When asked about his travel experiences, Mai admitted that he doesn’t enjoy the process of traveling such as packing, going to the airport, and dealing with immigration and customs. However, he loves visiting different destinations and travels almost every month.

Mai mentioned that Italy and South Africa offered him the most memorable experiences. He was particularly drawn to the passion displayed by Italians in everything they do and the beauty of South Africa’s landscapes.

In South Africa, he visited several tourist attractions, including Mandela’s prison, Lion Head, Table Mountain, and a polo tournament. Mai also mentioned his must-have travel items, including headphones, hand sanitizer, and credit and debit cards.

Offering advice to potential travelers, Mai emphasized the importance of being open-minded and observant while abroad. He encouraged people to seek new perspectives and ideas from their travel experiences instead of just aiming for leisure.

Regarding citizenship, Mai expressed contentment with his Nigerian and British citizenship and stated his lack of interest in obtaining citizenship from another country. He appreciated the security, orderliness, and infrastructure in Italy and South Africa, expressing a desire to see similar improvements in Nigeria.

Lastly, Mai confessed that he misses Nigerian food the most whenever he travels outside the country and expressed a desire to visit Singapore, Sweden, Indonesia, and Australia in the future.

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